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The Chamber’s Advocacy Committee meets on your behalf to survey the current legislative landscape and the great number of bills being considered that could have significant impact on your business. Understanding that the KV Chamber represents a diversity of views on any given policy issue, it is the mission of the Advocacy Committee to keep you informed of proposed legislation and aware of the opportunities for members to participate in the legislative process. It is also our aim to respectfully advocate for those positions in which the Chamber community is in substantial agreement.

It is imperative that the business community be engaged in the process so that the legislative decisions that are ultimately made are ones that are informed by our testimony and experience and cognizant of their real impacts to our businesses and our employees. 

We encourage you to stay tuned to these updates, reach out to us with any questions, and respectfully engage with your government. Our strongest position in today’s reality, together as a Chamber and also as individuals representing our businesses, is to be a clear, thoughtful, and respectful voice in our public debates, relying on the strength of facts and real world experience, and recognizing the good intentions around the table which motivate the majority of those involved in the legislative process.
If you wish to participate in the Legislative process, you can track bills of interest by utilizing the following step-by-step instructions. 
Bills that have been assigned an LD#, printed, and referenced to their committee of jurisdiction
  • Click on the numerical sequence hyperlink where the bill of interest would be found
  • Scroll down, identify the bill of interest, and click on that hyperlink
  • To read the text of the bill of interest, click on the “Printed Document PDF” icon
  • To understand where the bill of interest stands in the committee process, click on the “Status in Committee” hyperlink on left side of page
  • Once the bill of interest has been voted out of committee, click on the “Chamber Status” hyperlink on the left side of the page

Public Hearings and Work Sessions

  • Decide how you would like to view the scheduling information i.e. by day, committee, prime sponsor, or everything for today, and click on the tab.
  • Then, utilizing the drop down list, choose how many days out you’d like to view the schedule. You can view from a single day to 180 days in advance.
  • Then, click on the “show schedule” icon.