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What are The Kenney Awards?

So you’ve experienced the Grammys and the Emmys, but are you ready for the Kenneys?

The Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the Kenney Awards! The Kenney, named for the region we hail from, will be awarded annually to area businesses and professionals that are deserving of our attention and recognition.

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The 2025 Kenney Awards will be held on January 24, 2025

at the Augusta Civic Center  


AwardMockThe Kenneys will recognize five awardees: The Peter G. Thompson Lifetime Achievement, Large Business of the Year, President's Circle, Community Service, and the CYNERGY Professional Award. You are guaranteed to feel like a star from the moment you arrive and step onto our very own red carpet—from the ‘paparazzi’ snapping pictures of your grand entrance into the awards ceremony to the custom-designed Kenney award—this will be the formal affair of the season.

The winners of the Peter G. Thompson Lifetime Achievement, Large Business of the Year, and the CYNERGY Professional Award will be announced prior to the ceremony and the remaining awards will be chosen via live voting from 3 nominees during the show. The formal announcement of the nominees and winners will be in the December issue of the Business Insider Newsletter/ This event is the premier opportunity for the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce to highlight and celebrate the success in our community.




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Voting has always been reserved for the second Tuesday of November or television singing competitions, but not anymore! The Kenneys are breaking the mold and introducing live voting to not just your average award show, but the Kenney Awards! Each guest will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite finalist in two of our award-winning categories: Community Service and President's Circle. There will be a brief video presentation of the three finalists in each category to help you decide. Voting is simple - simply register your cell phone and send a text when prompted. Only one vote per cell phone is allowed per category. After the votes have been calculated, the winners of each category will be announced right then and there!



Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

Are you interested in sponsoring one of the biggest award ceremonies in Kennebec Valley? You can view available sponsorships below, or email Melissa at  for more information or to sign up! 


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