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We are looking to bring on board an HCCA Program Associate – Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL), who is a member of the HCCA team and works with other HCCA staff and community partners to implement Maine Prevention Network grant-specific program objectives throughout Kennebec County, Maine. Objectives include community education, policy and systems change, and community-level environmental enhancements for the prevention of obesity-related diseases. This position may be required to support other public health primary prevention projects at HCCA over time. 

The Program Associate – Healthy Eating Active Living reports directly to the Executive Director with oversight from the Associate Program Manager. 

Salary Range:$47,000.00 To 49,000.00 Annually

Position Type:   Full Time 

Level:                  Mid-level

Location:            Gardiner, ME (Hybrid)  

Please submit a detailed resume and cover letter outlining and providing examples of relevant qualifications, skills, and experience.

 Apply here:

Job Duties:

The Program Associate – Healthy Eating Active Living will:

  1. Implement evidence-based prevention strategies in the Maine Prevention Network Central District Obesity Work Plan throughout Kennebec County in collaboration with HCCA staff and Somerset County partners. Focus areas include:
    1. Promote changes that make active living and healthy eating the easy choice
    2. Develop systems that provide access to healthy foods at a good price
    3. Enable people to get their recommended levels of physical activity
    4. Increase access to places for physical activity
    5. Support breastfeeding best practices in health care systems, at worksites, and within the community
    6. Assess and improve the built environment and food systems to create more opportunity for Maine residents to eat healthy and be physically active
  2. Support other HCCA food systems-related or MPN-related projects as needed.
  3. Support Central Public Health District coalition building.
  4. Participate in appropriate professional development opportunities.
  5. Utilize written and electronic media for a variety of community awareness strategies.
  6. Work closely with local, county, public health district, and state partners; and other stakeholders to collaborate and coordinate assessments and implement interventions.
  7. Attend required meetings and training sessions.
  8. Assure required data is collected and entered in online and other required reporting systems.
  9. Assist with grant reporting requirements in order for reports to be accurate and submitted on-time.
  10. Work closely with HCCA Associate Program Manager and Finance Manager to assure project activity meets budgetary expectations.
  11. Serve as a spokesperson for healthy eating and active living, and HCCA.
  12. Promote positive relationships between and among HCCA and all potential collaborating partners.
  13. Be a member of HCCA’s team of public health professionals, supporting the organization’s broad public health goals.
  14. Perform other duties as assigned. 

Qualifications & Experience: Bachelor’s degree in health-related field is preferred, however, equivalent related work experience may be considered. Experience working in a non-profit setting and with grant-funded projects is a plus. Additional desired skills include:

  1. Ability to work collaboratively with diverse project partners, consumers, community partners, providers of health and behavioral health care, and food system sector representatives
  2. Comfort and ability to present to and facilitate diverse audiences, including youth and professionals
  3. Ability to work independently
  4. Ability to meet deadlines
  5. Ability to communicate professionally both verbally and in writing
  6. Knowledge and skill in the management of data-driven projects
  7. Ability to monitor and provide oversight of local partners' progress toward deliverables
  8. Ability to plan, coordinate, implement, and manage multiple activities at once
  9. Ability to gather, synthesize, and summarize a variety of information from many sources
  10. Experience developing communication materials and messages including flyers, brochures, booklets, social media, etc. designed for specific audiences
  11. Understanding of coalition-building strategies
  12. Knowledge of evidence-based obesity prevention strategies is a plus

MCD Global Health & Healthy Communities of the Capital Area (HCCA)

MCD Global Health is a nonprofit global health organization recognized in the United States and around the world as a leader, innovator, and trusted partner.

Healthy Communities of the Capital Area (HCCA) is a public health non-profit organization located in Gardiner, ME. HCCA serves Kennebec County, the Central Public Health District, and other statewide and regional efforts related to public health primary prevention, with particular focus on tobacco use prevention and control, substance misuse prevention, and healthy eating and active living. HCCA is home to Gardiner Area Thrives Drug Free Communities Coalition, Maine Farm & Sea to School Network, and Maine Farm to Institution. 

HCCA partners with MCD Global Health, Inc. (MCD) to provide recruitment and human resources services, and serve as HCCA’s employer of record. This hybrid remote position is based at HCCA’s offices at 11 Mechanic Street, Suite 101, Gardiner, ME.

This position qualifies for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. 

HCCA’s mission is to convene and support people, organizations, and communities to collaborate on quality of life and public health issues. 


Medical Care Development, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

MCD strongly encourages COVID-19 vaccinations for employees, contractors, and other representatives.